The Hair Bow–Headband–Flower Clip Dilemma

8 Jul

Flower clips, hair bows, and headbands.  They’ve started showing up everywhere in our house and I’ve been needing a place to organize them.  I’ve seen a bunch of different flower clip holders and organizing systems, but none have suited my liking enough to make them.  The different ideas I have looked into were ribbon hair clip holders, chicken wire hair clip organizers, and hair bow ribbon boards.  All are very cute ideas (A cute ribbon board was even given to me at my baby shower) but I just don’t like the idea of hair bows or flower clips taking up wall space in the nursery.  At first I stored them in a cute little frog:


But then they usually ended up looking like this:


But alas…my problems have come to a hault.  As I was getting dressed the other day, my eyes took notice of the jewelry organizer I had hanging in my closet and I realized it would be even more perfect for my baby girl’s bows!  As I began organizing the bows in the nursery closet I started thinking of many more things it could be used for.  Socks!  I can never find matching baby socks when I need them!  Small toys!  Pacifiers, ointments, baby nail clippers, and all those samples I get in the mail!  All neatly organized in a closet and not taking up any room at all.


For now this is working for me great!  Once my baby girl actually grows some hair this will even work perfectly for all the little rubber bands and elastics that seem to be swallowed up magically by bathroom drawers!  I’m a personal fan of anything that takes up vertical space rather that another tote, or another wall hanging.  Heck!  it even adds an organized glow to the nursery closet.

Have another idea that has worked for you?  I’d love to hear!


***Update.  These organizers are double-sided, so I put some baby basics on the other side and started getting giddy!  I also have to buy another organizer now because I just found out the pockets are the perfect size for baby shoes!  (One pocket for each shoe…so 18 shoes on each side, or one side with 18 shoes and the other side full of socks!) These would also work great in a hall closet for easy-to-reach first aid items.  I think I’m in organizational bliss…

If you’re interested in getting an organizer, I got mine here.


One Response to “The Hair Bow–Headband–Flower Clip Dilemma”

  1. Chelsea July 30, 2012 at 8:26 AM #

    I just love, love, love this! Im already using these for other baby items as well as things for my boy toddler (perfect for hot wheels) but why didnt I think of my baby girls hair bows?! 🙂

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