Singing to My Baby

16 Jul

I’ve heard quite a few times that it is important to sing and read aloud to my baby (starting as an infant) to help with language development when she is older.  Although my voice is nothing special I have always loved singing to babies.  There seems to be a special bond that occurs when you are singing to the little bundle in your arms.  When Kinley was born, I wanted to learn a new lullaby to sing to her each month.  Although I haven’t kept up with it, I have enjoyed the ones that I have learned.  One of the songs I learned is called “A, You’re Adorable.”  This one is great because it teaches them the ABC’s in a fun way and can also be sung with the alphabet signs.  I am still trying to decide if I want to put forth the energy to do baby sign language with Kinley, but the research seems to show many positive benefits of doing so (much more than just improved confidence, language development, and creative thinking!).  If interested in reading more about the positive benefits of baby sign language, go here and here.  Here are three of my most favorite songs that I sing to my little girl.  The first one is from Bye Bye Birdie called “We Love You Conrad.”  I just replace the name Conrad with Kinley.

The 2nd one is from Guys and Dolls and is called “I Love You a Bushel and a Peck.”  I like this version of Doris Day for learning the words (I just sing the first two verses).

The 3rd one is The Alphabet song I mentioned earlier.

Here is a version of a kid doing the alphabet sing language along with the words.

Here is fun duck song:

And one about a Ladybug:

or the classic Skinna Marink:

What songs do you like to sing to your kids?  I’d love to learn some more!


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