SpongeBob’s Square Pants: A Tribute to Young Comedians

24 Aug

My baby girl is quite the little babbler lately.  She loves to talk to herself and I wish so badly I knew what she was saying.  What is going on in her little mind that she just can’t stop talking about?  Maybe she’s having conversations to her toys and truly deeply thinks they are listening.  Maybe she just likes the sound of her own voice and isn’t trying to say anything at all.   Maybe she’s secretly making fun of me.  Whatever it is she is doing, it’s cute.

I can’t wait to hear her little voice make out complete sentences for the first time, or embarrassingly repeat words that maybe she’s heard me say (my husband is already trying to train me to delete certain ones from my vocabulary).  What are some of the funny things that came out of your children’s mouths when they were first learning to talk?  A big part of me wants to start adding more intellectual words to my vocabulary so that she will have them in hers (There’s just something funny about a toddler using the words “Well actually,” or “As a matter of fact,” or “that’s correct.” (Okay, let’s face it…those aren’t the most intellectual of words, I obviously have a long way to go)!  What are some fun words you have loved hearing your children say?

I have a niece named Cambria and a lot of people say my baby girl looks like her.  I hope that means she will act like her because she is hilarious!  Here are a couple of her famous one-liners:

After wanting to tuck her mom into bed: “Mom, I still like your eyes, even when you take the make up off. They’re not that ugly.”

Cambria coming in from outside after seeing her breath: “Mom, I accidentally smoked out there!”

Cambria: “If I draw a picture for Jesus, then He would hang it on his refrigerator because He loves me.”

At her grandparents house, Cambria said, “Mom, is Oreo gonna be a dog all day?” (Oreo is the name of the dog)  Her mom said,  “Yep. I think that is pretty much his plan.”

Once Cambria had oatmeal for breakfast. She took a few bites then went to play . When she came back she stared at the bowl. When her mom asked her if she was going to eat it she said, “I can’t. It’s dead. It died mom. It’s not yellow, it’s brown. It’s dead.”

And one of my all-time favorites:  She was staying at my house one weekend while her parents were away.  I went to turn on a Netflix show for her and as I was scrolling through, she said : “Oh no!  My mom doesn’t let me watch SpongeBob Square Pants!”  Then she leaned in really close and whispered in my ear, “I’m pretty sure it’s because of his square pants!”

I love that girl!

What are some classic lines from your own children?



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