The Discovery Bottle

28 Aug

So I had this awesome idea yesterday that I would make this really cool “discovery bottle” for Kinley.  I used a dressing bottle, filled it with fun little objects, glitter, and body wash (it was a clear body wash with fun bead-like things in it), and then super glued the lid on.  I guess the problem with awesome ideas in your head is that they don’t always achieve awesomeness in real life.  In my head I imagined this toy would entertain her endlessly and she would find fascination with all the fun objects I so carefully picked out for her.  True, she did play with it…er..sucked on it really…but for about 10 minutes.  Granted, Kinley is only 9 months old so maybe my expectation for her intellectual fascination in my glorious creation is a bit high…I don’t know, what do you think?  Maybe this is something an 18-month old would prefer?  Or maybe it is now a piece of junk and I should stop my endeavors for home-made toys.    I will let you know in a year.  Tune in next August for a revised review.  In the meantime….maybe for a 9-month old you should try a “dry” discovery bottle filled with colored rice and other fun things.  That might have been a better idea….

Have you tried anything like this?  How did it work out?


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