Doorbell ‘Witch’ing Ditching

13 Sep

I have always loved this time of year because I know once October gets here we have SUPER fun holidays to look forward to every month!  I have just been itching to pull out my holiday spirit as the fall weather has started to come in (maybe a little early) and so I whipped up this Halloween flyer to take to the neighbors this year.  We’ve gotten a ghost in past years, but I wanted to mix things up a little bit and I came up with was WITCHING DITCHING!  Come one, just admit it…it’s catchy?

So here’s the deal.  If you like fun things too, print this out and participate!  If you are just not really in for fun (what?!), chances are your kids are so print it out anyway!  Make a treat and ditch the witch! This is the poem that goes along with it:

Along with the following instructions:

1.  Enjoy the treats that were left for you

2.  Print out or copy 2 copies of the witch

3.  Send her on her way to 2 new homes, before she leaves you with a curse!

Click HERE to view full size and print.  If you’d prefer a black and white version, go here.

I’ve also been pinning some super cute and fun Halloween treats that would be fun to drop off for this activity, and there are a lot of them that require absolutely no baking, so feel free to check out my board for some ideas!

What are some fun Halloween traditions that you do in your family?  Now that I’m a parent I want to start some new ones.  What are some that you have heard of that you would like to try?


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