Meal Planning and Groceries: From Nightmare to Magic!

9 Oct

Okay, so remember my posts on meal planning and time management? Combine both of those posts with this one and you just might begin to enjoy the whole process of  putting a meal on table!  I might have just discovered my most favorite website ever!  And as with most things, I am probably the last person to find out about it…but if you are like me and had no clue it existed, your life is about to change forever.  This will help stay-at-home moms, working moms, single moms, dads and students alike!

What is my biggest problem with meal planning besides my complete loathing for it?  Probably the nightmare that goes right along with it:  Grocery Shopping.  I really don’t hate a lot of things, but grocery shopping has always been one of my least favorite things in life.  I usually wander aimlessly around the store throwing things in my cart, and I always come home and realize I forgot something (Most people would suggest a shopping list…for some reason those never work for me).

Anyway, on to the exciting stuff!  Thanks to my sister I discovered a site AND app called pepperplate.  It rocks my world.  I might even say I’m excited to plan next month’s meals (this is huge).

What does it do?

What doesn’t it do!  You can copy and paste recipes from all your favorite blogs right into the website and it saves them all for you.  If it is a pepperplate supported site all you have to do is enter the URL and it imports the recipe for you!  If that wasn’t good enough, it also has a meal planning section.  Just click on the recipe and add it to the calendar!  And if that wasn’t heaven, it also makes your grocery list for you and categorizes it by recipe or grocery isle–whichever you prefer.  The great thing about this site is that if you don’t like having the same meals every month, it is still a very, very easy process to plan your meals every month!  I like to go through my meal ideas on Pinterest, add the recipes I’m interested in trying, fill them into my monthly meal sheet, and then I print my shopping list!

Ka-BAM!  Super easy.

Check it out and let me know what you think.  What things do you or what websites do you use to make your meal planning easier?


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