Quiet Books and File Folder Games the Easy Way

28 Oct

When I was an education major I made tons of fun file folder games for my future classroom/children.  When I got married and moved in to my new apartment I couldn’t find them anywhere!  I have wanted to start making them again, but as I repin a bunch of ideas on Pinterest I am reminded of all the time and money it took to make them.  I don’t know if I’m up for all the coloring and cutting.

I also have been obsessing over all of the Quiet Book ideas lately.  I did a post previously on no-sew quiet books, but I have discovered an even better way than magnets or velcro!  I bought a removeable sticker book on Amazon and noticed that the stickers easily stick to laminated pages!  This leaves me free range to create all the quiet book pages and file folder games that I want as long as I have removable stickers for them.    I found removeable stickers on Amazon, and also found a few at the dollor store (also called “window clings”).

What I liked about Amazon’s was it wasn’t very much money for TONS of stickers (over 150).  I can do an entire farm life quiet book with their “habitats” sticker collection, or they also have a “Pinkalicious” sticker book.

Melissa & Doug Habitats Reusable Sticker PadEyelike Stickers: OceanMelissa & Doug Dress-Up Reusable Sticker Pad

I really love the dress-up one as well…what little girl wouldn’t LOVE an entire quiet book full of dress ups?

The way that I do quiet books with laminated pages:  Design (I do mine very simply using Powerpoint) or print the pages that you are using, laminate them, and then coil bind the book (very cheap).  I then just add the removable stickers!  Easy!  And the best part is there is no sewing, cutting, or adhering magnets or velcro.

Some of my other quiet book posts: here and here

Tune in later for the pages I have designed to use with all these sticker collections (I’ll share them with you when I’m finished).


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