Letters To Santa

5 Nov

My recent post on Fun Christmas Traditions got me in the mood to make a Santa letter outline.  Growing up, my mom always had us make a “wish list” if that’s what you want to call it, but it took a different focus that ordinary lists.  She made sure we understood that we very possibly wouldn’t get anything from our list (she didn’t make much as a single mom), but that it was a way to help Santa get to know us better.  It included our interests, hobbies, dreams and goals.  It also had our favorite colors and what each of our sizes were.  There were times that good friends insisted on helping my mother with Christmas, and having copies of these lists really helped others get to know our family’s needs.  It was also great for our sibling gift exchange, because we could look up the name we had that year in the family Christmas binder for tips and ideas on what would make a special gift.

I want to continue that tradition in my own family, so I created a “letter to Santa” formatted to the way I like it.  It includes needs, wants, favorites, current sizes, etc. I also included a section for asking Santa a fun question such as, “What do you feed your reindeer?”  The back of the letter can be used for additional details or for drawing Santa a picture.

Feel free to print for personal use.  I included a blank version as well.  If you would like to have Santa write a letter back, you can make the letter yourself, or get it from here, here, or here.

The free digital scrapbook paper I used is from here and here.

Click to enlarge or print.




One Response to “Letters To Santa”

  1. jami November 5, 2012 at 10:14 PM #

    This is perfect Kristina! I will be using this for sure!

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