She’s gone TURBO!

4 Jan


If any of you have seen the movie “Wreck it Ralph” you will soon understand the title for this post.  Yesterday my typically cheerful 13-month old was anything but cheerful.  She whined and cried almost all day long, refused to play with any toys unless she was in my arms, napped shorter than usual, and threw little fits when I wouldn’t let her chew on my iPhone.  I’m pregnant with my 2nd, and seem to be unusually exhausted these days.  After attempting to put mascara on my left eye using my right hand (she literally would not let me set her down), going to the bathroom while she sat on my lap (familiar anyone?) and not getting a thing done all day long, I was feeling like I was going to lose it.

When my husband walked in the door from work I breathed a sigh of relief and went to hand her to him, but she threw a little fit and absolutely refused to enter anyone’s arms but mine.  That’s when the thought came, “Oh no…our sweet little girl has gone TURBO!”  I then fought with my bad mood as I prepared some quick dinner (bean burritos anyone?) and silently pondered how on Earth we would handle 2 little ones come June.  Then the good news came.  My husband had a soccer coaching meeting and kids were welcome!  And if there’s one thing that makes Kinley happy it’s being around other little kids.  I happily sent them on their way and started on my list of tasks that never got started and my mood instantly took a turn for the better.  Two and a half hours later they both came happily through the door and my husband reported of her joyous time playing with the other kids (well mostly just observing them since they were much older than her).  She would stand there holding onto the couch and excitedly jump up and down repeatedly.  Then it happened.  I realized how much I had missed her and grabbed her into a huge hug.  She gave me that goofy grin that I love so much and my heart melted instantly.  As I got her ready for bed and blew little raspberries on her chubby little tummy I thought how interesting it was that after a full day of chaos and frustration, all it took was one little moment to completely turn my heart around and remind me how much I love being a mom.

I thought about how I might feel in the future with more kids and designed my own little quote as a reminder:




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