I like Peanut Butter sandwiches, I like to drive with my shoes off, I am the same height and shoe size as as my husband, H2O is my best friend (Mmmm…swimming anyone?) and I am a mother for the first time.  In ways being a mom can be more challenging that I imagined, but is it more rewarding and fulfilling than ever thought possible.

Once I started having nieces and nephews (around age 16), I started becoming excited for the day that I would one day too become a mom.  When I was in college my roommates made fun of me for buying children’s books when I did not have any children; but I loved buying them, and imagining what it would be like to sit down and have bedtime stories with my own children one day.

A few years and one miscarriage later, that day has come.  At the age of 25, I finally became a mom and my life has forever changed.  My little girl is 9 months old now and I am soaking up the moments with her.  I seem to love her more each day as she grows and develops her cute little personality and I can only imagine how I will feel about her (and hopefully her siblings) years down the road.  My greatest hope is that I will not get so busy that I forget to enjoy her.

Something that I have thought a lot about (and which has been the inspiration for this blog) is my observation of other moms.  Being a mom seems to be a very time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming task.  Too many moms are hard on themselves.  Too many feel that they are not measuring up.  Some moms yell too much at their children and wish that they didn’t.  Some are working hard and doing their best every single day but still feel that they aren’t giving their children enough attention.  I imagine I will have plenty of those days, but hopefully many more that are filled with laughter, learning and joy.

The purpose of this blog is to reflect on the things that I learn as a mom, the magical moments, and the positive aspects of parenting.  This blog is to focus on having Joy in the Journey.  Part of my agenda lately to develop a “mommy book” collection of activities, parenting tips, and ideas to keep some kind of organization (yeah right..I know) to my life as a mom.  This blog also serves as an accountability tool.  I want to kick it into high gear while I only have one child so that I have this book as a resource for my future children.   When I need a couple of minutes to get ready for the day I want to have something on hand besides a television to hold my child’s attention.  When I hear the words “I’m bored” I want to have an endless source of ideas of meaningful (and even educational) activities that I can enjoy with my child.  Hopefully this project will help me to focus more on the joy of being a mother, and less on the details and the chaos.   My hope is that friends and fellow bloggers will contribute ideas and help me along the way.

Here is a poll for you moms that have more experience than me.  If you could go back to the stage that I am at, what would you focus on the most?


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  1. Dallan July 12, 2012 at 1:33 AM #

    I like it!!!

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