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Toys that Kids Play With

29 Sep

Okay, so I have a problem (Scroll to the end to help me out as well as enter the contest).

My 10-month old has started losing interest in her baby toys and I’m realizing she doesn’t have very many toys anyway.  I would love to buy her some new ones, but I hate the thought of paying for toys that she may or may not play with.

I’ve been researching to solve my dilemma and I came across the Baby Cheapskate website.  Here they talk about how to avoid the “duds” when it comes to toys.  They also talk about tops toys for the current year here.  There is another website I love that lists all the different toys that encourage speech and language development.   If you don’t want to read through it, I have narrowed it down to this simple list:

*There is another website I love that lists all the different toys that encourage speech and language development.  Find it here.

So here’s a contest question. 

What are (or were) the toys that your kids played with most?  Please include whether it’s a favorite for boys/girls/both and what general age they love certain toys at.  This will especially be helpful for others considering it’s almost Christmas time and I’m sure I’m not the only parent wondering.  Baby Cheapskate is great for narrowing toys down for the current year but what I really want to know about is the toys that are continually popular year after year.  Especially toys that have lasted generations (Mr. Potato Head anyone?)  3 winners will be chosen (meaning you have a very good chance).

Remember this post?  The prize will be a set of 3 flash card packs for you to make into flip books or to use as they are, or you can choose one of the printable quiet books.  Not a huge prize, but hey!  This is mostly just a fun post to get all of your ideas and all you have to do is answer a question.  Easy!  Winners will be drawn at random.  Contest ends November 15th.

Thanks in Advance!


Printable Quiet Book

29 Aug



Finally.  Remember this?  Well….after many,many long hours and some professional design I own two quiet books that I absolutely LOVE!  I just put them in my Etsy shop, but I would like to give a couple away to my readers for free!  Keep in mind my blog is a fairly new one so your chances of winning are very, very, good (in fact depending on how things go I will probably give away several).  So here is how you enter the contest:

I hate contests that make you do multiple things that usually involve bugging your friends on Facebook, so no worries…there will be NONE of that.  All you have to do is pin or re-pin this post on Pinterest.  After you have done that, comment on this post: paste the Pinterest link as well as which quiet book you are interested in:  Farm life or Bible.  That’s it!  Contest ends a week from now: Wednesday, September 5th.

UPDATE!  This contest is going again for 3 more winners!  Ends Nov 15th.  You can also win one by commenting on this post.

Good luck and happy pinning!

If you don’t have a pinterest account, you can share this blog post on your OWN Facebook wall.

Here’s a mini sample of the pages (there are also 8 sticker/cutout pages that go with each page):



I hired my friend Hillary to do the Farm Life version.  She’s awesome; if you need wedding announcements or other design work, contact her!